Terms and Condition

1. Extended Warranty Plan cover period is 12 months after official warranty end. Warranty coverage is all hardware except battery, accessories & human faulty (screen cracked, liquid damage, cosmetic damage, & major physical damage)

2. Accident Damage Plan is cover 1 time drop or liquid damage for first year does not include stolen or theft.

3. Combo Plan is cover 1 time drop or liquid damage (does not include stolen or theft) during the two year coverage period and extended warranty another 12 months after official warranty end.

4. Shield Care Plus Protection Plan is only valid when purchased together with new device

5. Repair or replacement coverage, both parts, and labour, from authorised technicians/parts

6. Accident Damage Plan and Combo Plan only applicable for phone, tablet, & smart watch (Android & iOS)

7. Extended Warranty Plan applicable only applicable for mobile phone, notebook, smart watch, desktop, tablet, monitor, and All-in-One Desktop.

8. Any damages (screen crack, bent or etc) on the devices and fall under the whole unit replacement program whereby “Full Device Replacement Excess Fee” will be charged.

9. Must inform within 7 days and must claim within 30 days of accident occurred and within warranty period.

10. We reserve the right to amend the term and condition without prior notice

11. Please click here for terms and conditions.

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